Representative Cases

Mr. Bent successfully litigated numerous claims on behalf of individuals, business owners and public institutions. An example of some of the cases he has handled is listed below.

Mr. Bent litigated a sexual harassment claim on behalf of several female employees working for a large national restaurant chain. He represented the clients during the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation resulting in a probable cause determination. The EEOC filed a federal lawsuit and Mr. Bent intervened on behalf of his clients securing a substantial settlement for each person.

A St. Louis City jury returned a plaintiff’s verdict after a three-day trial awarding a female police officer represented by Mr. Bent both compensatory and punitive damages, stemming from an assault by her superior officer inside a police precinct.

Mr. Bent filed suit to the recover capital contributions made to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) by two (2) Members of the entity when the company refused to return their initial investment. Judgment was entered in favor of our clients and an order was issued requiring the company to return more than the client’s initial contribution and requiring it to pay our attorney fees.

Recently, Mr. Bent enforced a promissory note on behalf of one of his business clients in the City of St. Louis. The court ordered defendant to pay the principal, interest and attorney fees to our client.

In another case, Mr. Bent defended a claim of race discrimination filed in the Circuit Court for the City of St. Louis. Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the owners of a downtown St. Louis hotel alleging that she was asked to leave the hotel because of her race in violation of the Missouri Human Rights Act (MCHRA). The claim was dismissed on Mr. Bent’s Motion at the inception of the litigation avoiding protracted litigation and the expense associated therewith.

A former employee of a family owned business filed a claim of discrimination against our client. The employee claimed that she was terminated because of her alleged disability. The case was resolved to our client’s satisfaction after Mr. Bent secured certain admissions from Plaintiff at deposition.

Mr. Bent successfully defended claims of national origin, race, retaliation and disability discrimination filed against a historic university to the complete satisfaction of the client and for less than a fraction of the cost of preparing a dispositive Motion.

On numerous occasions, Mr. Bent has enforced the rights of commercial and residential property owners by filing rent and possession and unlawful detainer actions for corporate entities and individuals resulting in the recovery of the property, past due rent and in some cases damages.

Mr. Bent sought and obtained injunctive relief in a case between feuding property owners. The dispute arose after the building commission instructed our client to repair or replace a fence that had fallen in disrepair. Our client chose to replace the fence. A dispute arose between the neighbors as the fence was being replaced. Consequently, the neighbor commanded the fence contractors to “get off his property” and not to step foot on his property again, which was impossible since the fence was situated directly on the property line. Mr. Bent obtained equitable relief allowing the contractor to complete the job .

Another one of Mr. Bent’s clients faced a similar property issue when a retaining wall separating a residential property from an apartment building needed to be replaced. The commercial entity refused to accept responsibility for replacing the fence, as did our client. Surveys were less than helpful as to the location of the property line. Facing continuing fines and the cost of replacing a concrete retaining wall, the client hired Mr. Bent to address the problem. The case against our client was dismissed after Mr. Bent entered his appearance and zealously litigated the claim.

Mr. Bent has settled countless automobile accident claims, slip and fall accidents, personal injury and employment related claims without the need to initiate litigation and sometimes shortly without protracted litigation.

These are but a few cases that Mr. Bent has handled over the past several years. Of course, each case is different and there are no guarantees in litigation. Accordingly, the result obtained for our clients are not necessarily indicative of the outcome of your case. However, we will bring the same expertise, tenacity and commitment to your claim as in the representative cases mentioned hereinabove. Call our office today and ask to speak with Mr. Bent for a confidential consultation. We look forward to solving your legal problems.

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