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One of the central concerns of a business is real estate. Whether you are trying to find the perfect location for your business or you need assistance with a contract, the services of our qualified and competent lawyers could be significantly advantageous for your situation. Real estate matters are complex and technical arrangements that demand knowledge and skill to ensure that the deal is most favorable to you.

At the Law Offices of Christopher Bent, LLC, we have 20 years of experience assisting businesses with their real estate needs, and we have represented numerous clients in the St. Louis area. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with affordable and honest legal representation.

Our firm can assist clients who are seeking to buy or sell commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, including hotels, apartments and office buildings. Significant amounts of money are often involved in transactions, and due diligence is crucial to make sure that this money is well spent.


We Can Assist with Contracts

Our St. Louis real estate attorneys have substantial contract law experience. We can provide legal counsel when drafting and reviewing asset purchase agreements to ensure compliance and representation of your personal interests.

Our team can work to help establish a real estate project’s regulatory compliance with factors such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing asset purchase agreements
  • Zoning, intergovernmental agreements, land use
  • Construction contracts, design-build agreements, architect agreements
  • Buying and selling residential, commercial, industrial and residential real estate, including hotels, apartments, and office buildings


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We are ethical, honest, and tnacious. We have provided quality representation for over 20 years.


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Attorney Christopher Bent offers aggressive trial representation in business litigation.


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