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For many occupations, it is necessary to maintain a professional license in order to operate in your chosen field of practice. State professional licenses serve to ensure that individuals and businesses meet particular standards of operation in the services that they provide to consumers and other clients.

It is not uncommon for a concern to arise that may lead to investigation by authorities. If you are found guilty of violating a professional standard, there can be very severe consequences, including the revocation of your professional. Something seemingly minor can affect your livelihood and professional status.

In administrative law proceedings, it is crucial to have our knowledgeable and skilled legal representatives on your side to defend your interests. When your career is at stake, our St. Louis administrative law attorneys may be able to increase your chances of a successful outcome. We can represent you in hearings involving the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission and other agencies, boards, and committees.

The Firm represents employees in hearings before the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission, and other state and local administrative agencies, personnel boards, and committees. Mr. Bent represents home healthcare companies, nurses, teachers, and other employees in professional licensing, disciplinary matters, and internal investigations.


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We are ethical litigators who place a major emphasis on honesty and tenacity. The goal of our firm is to offer diligent legal representation at an affordable price. We believe someone in a stressful professional circumstance should not be overwhelmed by an unreasonable legal bill.


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