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Whether you are hiring someone, striking a business deal, or overseeing a project, contracts are a major part of the modern business world. Whenever you are devising or implementing a contract, the assistance of a skilled business law lawyer can be crucial.

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The Law Offices of Christopher Bent, LLC has earned a reputation as the contract lawyer St. Louis individuals and businesses know and trust. We proudly represent both individuals and businesses of all sizes in contract law cases in Missouri. When you choose to work with a business law attorney from our firm, you can preserve your interests and mitigate any potential risks that the terms of a contract might present to your business. Our legal team can also look over a contract for potential problems and propose possible solutions.


Assistance for Reviewing and Drafting Contracts

At the Law Offices of Christopher Bent, LLC, our St. Louis contract law attorneys have 20 years of experience protecting our business law client’s interests. We have drafted, reviewed and enforced a variety of agreements including: Promissory notes, Franchise agreements, Operating agreements, Construction contracts, Physician partnership agreements, buy sell agreements, Escrow statements, Bill of sale, Tenant estoppels, Letter of intent (LOI), Commercial and lease agreements to name a few.

We can review, prepare and enforce agreements that will reduce the risk of exposure and protect your legal rights. Our practice offers legal guidance regarding contracts for executives, business owners, not for profit entities, municipalities, physicians, contractors as well as other professionals. When you hire a skilled contract review lawyer, you can be confident your attorney is looking out for your rights.


Smart Representation in Breach of Contract Cases

Unfortunately, sometimes people do not adhere to their legally binding agreements, which can lead to a significant inconvenience and economic loss. Often, the only viable option is to seek redress in court for breach of contract. Hiring a breach of contract attorney can help you protect your interests.


Contractual breaches can occur in a number of scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to fulfill perform in accordance with agreement
  • Failure to perform in a timely manner
  • Failure to pay as agreed
  • Failure to perform as agreed
  • Failure to perform in a workman like manner
  • One party does not allow the other party to execute its obligations

Contract breaches occur in two forms: material breaches and immaterial breaches. A material breach of contract is a “total” failure to perform an obligation that is essential to the execution of the agreement. An immaterial breach is a “partial” failure in which only some of the obligations have not been performed. The actions that a business can pursue vary depending on the type of violation.

A contractual breach can have a significant effect on your businesses’ operation, and you may be able to pursue legal recourse to seek damages that have resulted. Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases, and we can confidently litigate your interests in the court of law or during the negotiation stage.

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