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Non-profit organizations and churches can face unique legal challenges, up to and including how to pay for quality representation. Many of these issues center around the precepts of the organization and carrying-out its mission in a manner consistent with the pastor and congregation. Our St. Louis church law attorney from the Law Offices of Christopher Bent, LLC can be retained for legal counsel in all matters relating to the formation and representation of churches and non-profit organizations.

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Rules & Regulations Affecting Churches & Non-Profits

A business of any type will need to comply with state-level and federal-level rules and regulations, as well as any recent legislation. Inadvertently or intentionally violations of such regulation may have adverse consequences, culminating in significant financial penalties or the loss of non-profit status. The organization may fact litigation or the threat of litigation by both internal and external sources. That is why it is important to maintain an ongoing relationship with a honest, ethical, zealous attorney interested in the pursuit of justice.


Our St. Louis church law attorney can:

  • Help you understand all the rules and regulations surrounding your church or non-profit group.
  • Determine the most efficient way to comply with regulations if found not in compliance.
  • Provide legal counsel while defending and/or advancing litigation initiated against the organization.


Reacting to Legal Crises with Confidence

Non-profit groups and churches are not exempt from governmental inquiries, investigations, and the like. The key to running a successful non-profit or managing a legally-sound church is knowing how to react when an unexpected turn of-events complicated. If you are not have the proper legal or regulatory knowledge to ensure your non-profit or church is protected under the law, contact our non-profit law attorney in St. Louis, Missouri.


Issues that may arise unexpectedly while managing a church or non-profit include:

  • Requests for voluntary disclosure of organization documentation.
  • Breach of contract claims.
  • Lawsuits filed in State or Federal Court or with an administrative agency such as the EEOC or MCHR.
  • Financial audits to verify the organization is non-profit and using funds appropriately.


One Law Firm for All Your Church & Non-Profit Cases

Running a non-profit organization or church is a full-time career that leaves little room for other ventures. It certainly does not include much time at all to worry about legalese and regulations. If you are encountering legal troubles, or just want to do what you can to avoid legal complications in the future, you can turn to the Law Offices of Christopher Bent, LLC for all the assistance you need. Our St. Louis church law attorney is equipped to take on any case, keeping your priorities in focus from start to finish.

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